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We Believe in Changing Lives

Too many people feel that martial arts might "just" be a sport but the instructors and professionals here at Cheyenne Martial Arts Academy think it's a bit different than that: we believe that the martial arts can be a true life-changing experience that will revolutionize the way your child lives his or her life! We don't believe in simply educating children in self-defense or physical fitness alone; instead, it is our goal to teach them good fitness, good self defense, and good mental health all at once! We believe confidence is the key to a successful martial arts experience.

Put Simply, Kids Love What They Learn at Cheyenne Martial Arts Academy

We don't believe in a "one size fits all" approach to teaching the many skills that are involved in the martial arts. In order to give all of our students the best chance for success, our instructors are unique trained and qualified to teach children as young as four years of age. They'll tailor their techniques to each age and skill level -- and it's never too early or too late to get started, no matter how old your child is! We'll get them on the path to greater confidence, better physical fitness, and excellent self defense skills right away!

Part of our success comes from the fact that we believe learning should be fun. We engage students through every step of the process, and in every moment of their martial arts classes! Whether it's practicing their techniques, talking about the skills which make a good martial artist, or learning about the history of the sport, our instructors are engaging and exciting people who will have your child's attention from start to finish -- and probably after the finish too! They'll love coming home and sharing what they've learned with you during our unique and exciting classes.

Your Child Will Have a Fighting Chance with Their New Skills

Unfortunately, it's now well-known that America's schools are plagued with bullying. We at Cheyenne Martial Arts Academy hate to hear of these troubling incidents, and it is our goal to instill the kind of confidence in your child that will make them immune to the pressures that may arise from bullying. We'll teach them how to stand up for themselves, and we'll give them the confidence they need to be execute good self-defense in those verbal situations well as the physical ones they'll rehearse in class!

At Cheyenne Martial Arts Academy, we believe every child has the right to a sound mind and a sound body, and as they discover their abilities and talents within martial arts, they'll be excited to share these discoveries and advances with you! You'll be excited to hear about their new skills when they return home from our classes -- and we're excited that they're sharing their successes with you!

Our Classes are Structured for Success

We know how intimidating it can be for a child to do something which they have never done before -- and without the security of a parent in the room! For this reason, our instructors break their classes down into groups which are separated not only according to age, but also according to each child's level of experience. This practice ensures Cheyenne Martial Arts Academy has a high rate of success in educating all of its students, regardless of skill level.

There's No Time to Waste

Your child deserves to learn a new set of skills which will improve their confidence, their self-defense, and their ability to fend of the physical and psychological dangers of the world. At Cheyenne Martial Arts Academy, we're dedicated to your child's education and success, and our instructors are excited to meet your child and begin them along the path to learning the martial arts.

If you have finally decided that this is what your child deserves, then it's time to give us a call at 307-634-6776 right away to begin the process of enrolling your future martial artist in our innovative and exciting programs!



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